written by: cafemosaicoec

photos by: Dianagodoysaker

On April 16th, 2016, Pedernales suffered one of the most shocking earthquakes in the history of Ecuador. With the town devastated, many people lost their homes and businesses. Only one hotel was left standing and there were no restaurants to offer any service to tourists. We have visited Pedernales a few times after the earthquake and it was very sad to see that the places we used to visit were gone. We didn’t know how people would survive without the only thing that kept this place alive, tourism. However, a year later, the panorama is very different. Check out the new hotels around the beach and the shiny colorful signs that say ‘restaurant’ all along the beachfront. We are happy to see that our favorite restaurant, ‘El Costenito No. 1’  was open again, offering a great variety of Manaba foods at very reasonable prices. Our favorites, of course, are the Shrimp Ceviche and Ambrosia a la Diabla (a little spicy), with sides of warm fried green bananas and chips, fresh slices of lime and cold beers! And for breakfast don’t forget the famous Bolon filled with cheese or bacon and a fresh juice.




The view from our pet-friendly hotel is the best in town. Bocana Hotel Pedernales. Nice, comfortable rooms, air conditioning, tv, hot water and good service.


Local artists are also present with music and handicrafts… little gifts or charms to remind you of a memorable trip to a great place on the coast of Ecuador. Visit Pedernales preferably on weekdays where there are fewer tourists. It is only 4 hours away from Quito and you can take a bus or rent a car. The highway is in excellent condition. It is very warm and sunny morning through afternoon. At night it can get a little chilly and windy.

The best part of the trip to Pedernales is the food! Fresh and perfect with a cold local beer. Ceviche or Mariscos a la Diabla (spicy seafood platter), are our favourites. If you want something more local order arroz con camaron (rice with shrimp), encocado ( seafood with coconut sauce) or fish fillet, all always with a side or rice and fried patacones (plantains).

Visiting Pedernales helps many families emerge from their recent crisis. Don’t miss out on what this wonderful place has to offer… and that expansive beach!!