written by: cafemosaicoec

Photos by: diana godoy saker


Orchids, the oldest plants in the world! They have very unique colors and shapes. There is a mystical beauty about them, I have found that each and every one has a face. Test your imagination! You may find anything from enchanted fairies to smiling monkeys looking back at you in between the colorful leaves. Ecuador has more than 4000 species which can be found practically anywhere from parks in the city to the deepest parts of the amazon rainforest. They range from nearly microscopic to huge and flirty!

If you are into science, enchanted beings, or just love flowers, visiting Ecuador is a great opportunity to take amazing pictures like the ones I have posted here. Regardless of whether you come for tourism or surfing or gastronomy or anything else, don’t forget to stop and seek out this enchanted flower species anywhere you go.