Cafe Mosaico Ecuador Travel is about helping people around the world discover Ecuador. We want to get you all excited about your next vacation! What is on your mind?

  • Climb the highest volcano on earth, measured ¬†from the centre of the earth (Cotopaxi)
  • Swim with sharks and watch birds with blue feet (Galapagos)
  • Feel the peaceful flow of the river Napo while you travel on a canoe towards the amazon rainforest (Misahualli)
  • Watch the most amazing sunset over Quito, World Heritage of the World (cafe Mosaico)
  • Dive with giant mantras 9km deep into the pacific coast? (Ayangue, Manabi)
  • Eat delicious seafood, lots, cheap and fresh! (Pedernales)
  • Bird watching? we got billions of birds! (Mindo)
  • Did you watch Avatar? remember those glowinthedark trees? we got them! (Arasha)
  • Vegan? enjoy an endless variety of exotic fruits and fresh grown vegetables. Discover new flavours of the Ecuadorian cuisine.


Whatever you think its your thing we have it all! All you need is Ecuador!