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Ecuador is Amazing! Discover a whole new world in a small place. Fresh food,  adventure, relaxation, breathtaking landscapes, endless possibilities.  Ecuador has  it all.
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We have picked our favorite destinations for you. Ecuador has so much to offer, however, with so little time, choosing gets difficult. We have designed the perfect package so you make the most out of your stay in Ecuador.

We have picked the best travelling destinations and activities so you enjoy Ecuador on its fullest. Cafe Mosaico has received thousands of tourists from all around the world for more than 17 years. Their recommendations and travelling experiences have inspired us to create the packages we offer you today.

Discover Ecuador’s best travel destinations

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 QUITO, breathtaking view from cafe mosaico

A unique Dining experience while watching the most amazing sunset



The Land of The Fresh

One of the reasons Ecuador is amazing is for the richness of its soil. In Ecuador, almost anything will grow and be available fresh and at reasonable price. Because of Ecuador’s many regions, the variety of fruit, vegetables and other products is vast. Going to the market is an adventure for any foodie. Treasure hunting in the a market will involve exotic spiky looking fruit, giant vegetables, different-looking tubers, exotic flowers, and more..

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The Tesoro Escondido Spider Monkey Reserve

Get involved in Research or Volunteering!

RURAL TOURISM Adventure and Community Involvement

Be a part on this initiative to conserve the critically endangered Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey Ateles fusciceps fusciceps, in North-western Ecuador. This 1200 hectare “Hidden Treasure” reserve lies within the Chocoan Biodiversity hotspot. One of the most threatened rainforest ecosystems in the world.

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